Cleveland Hedgehog Preservation Society UK

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Hedgehog Do's and Don'ts

  1. Keep a continuous supply of drinking water in your garden in shallow saucers.

  2. Provide escape routs from garden ponds - chicken wire at one end and steps at the other.

  3. Keep rubbish sacks tied during the week. Hedgehogs often climb in and get taken away with the rubbish.

  4. Check sheds for hedgehogs before closing the door.

  5. Move garden refuse a few feet before burning or forking. A pile of dead leaves etc. may well have a sleeping hedgehog inside.

  6. Cover all drains - this will protect your drainage system as well as hedgehogs.

  7. Cut away the bottom foot of any netting in the garden. Climbing plants don't need this bit but hedgehogs can easily get caught up and badly injured in it.

  8. Leave babies in the nest well alone and contact an expert.

Do Not.
  1. Do not ever give cows milk - it can cause illness and death in hedgehogs.

  2. Do Not use slug pellets - hedgehogs will take care of the slugs.

  3. Do not move hedgehogs unnecessarily or take them home for your own garden if their is nothing wrong with them. They will go to great lengths to get back to their own home and a female may have a litter somewhere.

  4. Do not worry too much about hedgehogs fleas. They are very different variety from dog and cat fleas and will die very quickly. If you need to get rid of them then use a pyrethrum or any mild flea powder designed for baby birds. Never use an aerosol on a hedgehog.






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