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Hedgehog First Aid

If you find a hedgehog the best thing you can do is leave well alone Provided that:-
  1. It is not well into the hours of daylight - hedgehogs are nocturnal and the fact that it is about during the day is usually a sign of illness or injury.

  2. It is not in any immediate danger - e.g. on a road or being molested.

  3. There are no signs of injury.

  4. It is not swaying or wobbling from side to side as it walks.

  5. It has not been laid in the same place for more than an hour.

If any of the above apply or if you find a hedgehog in any circumstances less than 600 grams in the late autumn then proceed as follows:-

Obtain a large strong cardboard carton as least three feet square, cover the bottom with glossy magazines to protect the box then lots of opened out newspapers on top of that. A nest box within the pen to provide sanctuary and security is essential. For this use a 1 foot cube box (crisp box size) with a lid or top. Cut an archway or doorway in it so the hedgehog can go in and out as it pleases. Again put glossy mags and folded newspaper in that with crumpled 1" strips of newspaper to use as bedding. Also put in the pen a shallow saucer of water and a shallow dish of food. If the hedgehog will eat cat or dog food (not the fish varieties) then great - if not try chopped up cooked chicken.

Unweaned Babies

The care of unweaned babies is complex. If you come across a nest of unweaned babies then leave well alone and contact a vet immediately for advise. If the babies are handled their mother may well abandon them so exercise extreme caution.






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